A Step in a Strong Woman Journey

“Women are one half of society, which gives birth to the other half. So, it is as if they are the entire society” What if half of the society lost it rights and cannot speak up for itself? Girl rising is a movie produced by Kayce Freed, Tom Yellin and Holly Gordon. Directed by Richard [...]


TED talk

a. why English is the official language in Nigeria? English is the official language because Nigeria is a former British colony. b. How was the American roommate's story of Nigeria and Nigerians incomplete? What is the other story that would have created a balanced view?  The American roommate did not believe that African could be similar to her in [...]

Domestic Migrant Workers

Did you know that out of 150 million migrant workers,  11,5 million are migrant domestic workers, according to Global estimates? Fatou's story is a story about her life as a domestic migrant worker. She was wondering if she is a slave but after a reading a story that is more tragic than hers, she is [...]

A life goal

Growing up in different societies, experiencing different diversities and living in various cultures that is slightly different from mine, made me understand how enormous this world is, at a slightly young age. Being an immigrant, I have never complained about certain changes. But I always wanted to be someone who leaves an impression, someone who can make [...]

Freedom of speech

  which topic did you choose to look at? I chose to study more about the conservative and the liberal Facebook posts about president Donald Trump. What are the conservative posts about, and what is the liberal posts about? When it comes to the difference between the two sides. Clearly the conservative do support Trump and [...]


4. The cinematic presentation is slightly essential in a good film. That is because of the impression it leaves on the receiver.  In the film Spotlight, I really liked how the music was slow because of the dramatic feeling it gave me. The colors were not too bright, but soft with and the contrasts were [...]