A Step in a Strong Woman Journey

“Women are one half of society, which gives birth to the other half. So, it is as if they are the entire society”

What if half of the society lost it rights and cannot speak up for itself?

Girl rising is a movie produced by Kayce Freed, Tom Yellin and Holly Gordon. Directed by Richard E. Robbins. The movie is about nine girls from nine different countries. However, the movie uses actors and narrators instead of the original persons due to safety issues.

The documentary is reflecting the huge contrast in the life of educated and not educated girls in developing countries. Showing us the importance of education, and how it can change lives.

Wadley from Haiti, Suma from Nepal, Yasmin from Egypt, Ruksana from India, Senna from Peru, Mariama from Sierra Leone and Amina from Afghanistan. Those girls had many things in common with many girls in their society. Their childhood where stolen from them. They even had no right to go to school. But the only thing that was uncommon is that they stood for their rights. They wanted to live and become successful.

Today in 2017, it is hard to imagine that in some places there is still girls working instead of going to school, girls that get married at young age, there is even girls who are sexually assaulted at a daily basis; and there is nothing their family can do about it. We are living a life full of goy where we have our rights. But at the same time there is girls/women who literally faces horrific and tragic issues in every second of their lives.

All the girls’ stories well make you tear up. But there is one of the stories that got me shocked. It is Amina from Afghanistan.

To start off with Amina story it is important to understand that women in Afghanistan get statues of being a bearer of boys. Since giving birth to a girl is not that great, Amina did not have a great life either. She started learning how to do housework since she was 3 years old. Her age is not mentioned in the story. But she was absolutely under 15 when her father arranged her a marriage from her cousin. To get to marry her, her cousin had to pay 5000 USD to her dad.  This money was used to buy her brother a car. How could the world be so unfair? The tradition has the power to make a human life more worthy than the other.

Amina’s struggle did not end here. She even got pregnant and gave birth to a child at a very young age. Although the number one cause of girls death in the age between 15-19 is child birth, the lack of knowledge and education in developing countries is the reason why this issue is still common. We all heard so many horrible things about the situation in Afghanistan. But it is not possible to let your imagination go this far. Women are not treated like humans anymore. The oppression they faced put fear into their hearts, so they cannot speak for themselves anymore. The society prefers boys among girl. This makes it easier to see how injustice and cruel our people could be. The fact that it is not only Amina whose facing this but millions of girls, sends shiver through my body.

Education could have stopped those girls sufferance. Them knowing their rights would give them enough courage to stand up for themselves. In addition, they can build a society with a better economy.

The documentary “Girl Rising” aims to illuminate the terrifying situation in the developing countries. They want to show the girls power and how much they can change if they were educated.

During the film, we saw how some of the girls stood up for themselves and completed their education. We also saw the contrast between different societies. The hard living made them even stronger. Although every girl’s story brought me tears, it is very hard to have empathy for them. It maybe because I have never experienced something as terrible. With me living in Norway (A high developed country) it is nearly impossible to be able to empathise. On the other hand, sympathy was a leading feeling through the whole movie.

To sum up my review, the movie was informative and educational. In my opinion, the way in telling the girls story was very appealing that it made it easier to follow along till the end of movie. Telling true stories by playing the most on pathos and tying them up with facts was a strength side.

I would recommend this movie to you if you want to get a clearer image of what’s going on in the world. If you feel your life is difficult, you got to look on those girls lives. The movie will make you see everything from another perspective.




Domestic Migrant Workers

Did you know that out of 150 million migrant workers,  11,5 million are migrant domestic workers, according to Global estimates?

Fatou’s story is a story about her life as a domestic migrant worker. She was wondering if she is a slave but after a reading a story that is more tragic than hers, she is convinced that she is not a slave.

Actually, Fatou is just rejecting the reality. She mentioned that she didn’t see her passport since she arrived in the UK, and she has been slapped twice by Mrs. Derawal. Not forgetting that she does not have any money, which means that she cannot go out.


A life goal

Growing up in different societies, experiencing different diversities and living in various cultures that is slightly different from mine, made me understand how enormous this world is, at a slightly young age.

Being an immigrant, I have never complained about certain changes. But I always wanted to be someone who leaves an impression, someone who can make a change in communities, even countries as the different countries I have been to changed me. Being an immigrant made me learn several languages. So I speak Arabic as it is my mother tongue, English, and Norwegian fluently. In fact, I can also write and understand German. I also have French at the back of my head, only some repetition needed. My ability to learn different languages at a slightly young age left me thinking that I want to go for international studies, and travel the world when I get older. Probably not! I changed my mind.

When I was 10 years old, the financial crises hit the world. I did not understand why it was important. Everyone was stressed out; not me. Afterward, I started to figure out my interests in economics and finance. Learning a lot about the financial crises that hit in 2007-2008 got me wondering, what if someone stopped it. But lately, I understood that it could not be stopped but a better solution to avoid the damage is possible. I do not agree with the solution that has been made to decrease the damage. In my opinion, a better solution with fewer damages could have been made. At the end of the day, it was not only the USA that been affected by the crises, so it is not only the US that should have been saved as a first consideration. Finding a plan b to assure that the world economies will not collapse again, will be the first that I do after finishing my economics and management bachelor, I believe Paul Krugman would have supported me on that.


Freedom of speech


which topic did you choose to look at?

I chose to study more about the conservative and the liberal Facebook posts about president Donald Trump.

What are the conservative posts about, and what is the liberal posts about?

When it comes to the difference between the two sides. Clearly the conservative do support Trump and his thoughts. Their posts are just drawn out of Trump opinions. An example could be some posts that are against abortion.

While the liberal are quietly on the opposite side of the conservative. They do not support any of his opinions. They pretty much criticize trumps political solutions in their posts. For example, we can see a variety of articles about the horrible things Trump and his family been up to.

Are there any posts which you felt were offensive or promoting hate/negativity? Why?Think about freedom of speech, should we be allowed to post whatever we want on social media, or are there limits?

Actually, both sides promote hate and negativity in a certain way. The Conservatives posts are slightly offensive and hateful towards everyone with a different background, opinion, and political belonging. Meanwhile, The Liberals are hateful and have a strong opinion about the conservatives and Trump. I mean its all about the freedom of speech that both sides have. But where is the importance of respect and acceptance for the others?

I believe that freedom of speech is an essential right to all of us. But at the same time, we need to consider our surrounders feelings and try to express our selves with the best manners. Especially when you are supposed to be a trustworthy person in the society; such as a prime minister, president or even a doctor.

To sum up, your freedom is all about not stepping on others freedom.



Image result for spotlight the boston globe

4. The cinematic presentation is slightly essential in a good film. That is because of the impression it leaves on the receiver.  In the film Spotlight, I really liked how the music was slow because of the dramatic feeling it gave me. The colors were not too bright, but soft with and the contrasts were not too strong. The use of colors in this way is an effective element because it shows a depth in the theme of the film.

When it comes to the best scenes in the movie, I liked how the film had a variation in scenes and places setting. The scene at a retired father door, when he mentioned that he only fooled around with the children, but did not rape them; was the strongest scene in my opinion. Because it shows a lot of the psychological part of a molesting crime and not least a raping crime.

6. I believe that there were two main conflicts in the film. The first one, Catholic priests accused of child abuse in Boston. Unfortunately, children molesting is still a huge issue. We see that at the end of the film, The spotlight gets more than 7000 calls from people who experienced molesting and got the courage to talk about it; after reading The Boston Globe article.

While the second conflict is how the newspaper will stand against the church whilst Catholicism is a way of life. Not forgetting that police and priests are thick as thieves. This conflict was solved.  The Boston Globe stood out for their opinions and manners against the church. They collected evidence to convince the law and expose the Roman Catholic church.

Overall, I really liked the film. It discusses a huge issue as child abuse and raises the awareness of the society.  In fact, the appearance of such successful actors, like Tom McCarthy, Michael Keaton, and Jamey Sheridan is a strong element in the success of Spotlight.




The Reluctant Fundamentalist (Literary elements)

The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a story with a multi-layered plot. The Frame plot is mainly where Changez sits and have a conversation with the American. While the subplot is about 9/11 being the insisting incidence that changes everything. But at the same time Changez life, not forgetting his traveling which is a very important part of the sub-plot.

The frame plot setting is in a café in Lahore. Not easy to tell when, but probably a day, a while after 9/11.

The Subplot happens to be in a very different setting. First in New York before 9/11. Then it’s the Philippines and Greece, before 9/11 as well. Lastly, him going back to NY after 9/11, and the Lahore in Afghanistan.

The main characters in the book are Changez, Erica, Jim and the American. There are two static, the American and Jim because they don’t change through the book. Changez and Erica are dynamic because we see them changing. Erica from being outgoing and Healthy, to be ingressive and unhealthy. Changez is dynamic because he changes his Afghanistani habits to become an American.  Is he going to pick a side?

If we are going to sort the characters as round and flat, I would say that Erica is a good example. That is because get to know many details about her inner life. On the opposite hands, the American whose slightly flat character.

While Changez is both round and flat. He tells us a lot about his life what makes us think his character is round but it is tricky since he is the narrator at the same time (First person narration). What I want to say is that we only know what he wants us to know. This First-person narration made Changez very mysterious, not forgetting the suspense it creates. If the narrative style was a third-person objective narration, it would be clearer to understand Changez.

The book has more than one theme, such as change versus religion, but mainly multiculturalism and Islam phobia after 9/11.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Recently, in my International English, we are reading a book named The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid. The book was published in 2007. It is set in a time of global changes. Asking fundamental questions and discussing ethnic problems.

Basically, The Reluctant Fundamentalist is about a young Pakistani, Changez, who had a successful life in the USA. Until 9/11 that changed everything.

The introduction of the book left me curious, wondering what is going to happen in the book. He started off asking and answering questions by himself. In this way represented the issue of the book immediately. For me, that was a new way to start a book. And actually, a very good start so the reader will not struggle to find out what is this book about.

But unfortunately, he remained to talk in the same way. Which made me confused. Is the whole first chapter of an introduction?

In the second chapter, Changez went on a vacation to Greece. There, he describes the group of people he travels with as materialistic. He disliked their habits, such as them not respecting older people on the island. When he talked about the group he is traveling with, he excepted Erica. He liked her personality and thought that she was slightly different from the others. He even started to catch feelings for her. “Besides, the rest of the group was for me mere backgrounds; on the foreground shimmered Erica, and observing her gave me enormous satisfaction.”  (Hamid, 2007, p. 26 )

Back to his opinion about the rest of the group. He means that they think they are better than everyone. But is he not the one who thinks he is better than everyone? because I mean he is judging everyone.

A friendship grows between Changez and Erica. He tells her about Pakistan. He mainly gave her a good picture talking about how the country looks like and the charming nature. He also told her about him having a Christian friend sneaking alcohol to his house since its illegal. With this conversation, Changez and Erica became closer and she even told him about Chris.

Changez and the group he is traveling with were talking about the future. When Changez turn came, he said he wanted to be “the dictator of an Islamic republic with nuclear capability” (Hamid, 2007, p. 31). What he said left everyone in shock, even though he said he was joking. But in my opinion, he said that to play on their nerves and see what reaction they are going to give. Changez being Muslim with a long beard did put him in suspect.


9/11 A Day Of Terror

9/11 happened when I was 4 years old. I barely remember it. Growing up, I have always seen pictures and read several articles about it.  It is horrible to imagine my self-surviving such a thing. Seeing the video of the twin tower explosion left a big impact on me. Because I was able to see how awful and heartbreaking it was.  On the other hand, reading eyewitnesses from a city in shock gives you a whole another perspective on how heartbreaking those attacks were.

Growing up as a Muslim it breaks my heart knowing that a group of extremist Muslims caused all that pain and damage.